Do have any questions about the termination of the Capital Growth Fund?

Are you a member of the Society and have an investment in the Capital Growth Fund? If you have a question about the termination of this Fund please contact our CEO Mandy Cooper on 03 5485 7891.

It is proposed that the Fund will be terminated with the balance of all investment accounts to be distributed on 31 May 2018.

Please note: this does not affect any investments in the Bendigo Funeral Bond.

Bendigo Funeral Bond Disclosure Document Image 2015

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Australian Friendly Society – Funeral Bonds

Following its formation in 1969 and in the years since, the Australian Friendly Society (AFS) has focussed on endeavouring to achieve strong returns for its members whilst striving for excellence in service.

Taking care of your funeral costs can remove financial concerns for your family and friends at a difficult time. The Bendigo Funeral Bond offered by the Australian Friendly Society is a capital-guaranteed savings and investment plan that solely accumulates funds to meet the cost of your funeral expenses.